Blood for the Blood God! Chaos Khorne Skin! PDF Print E-mail
Written by komone   
Sunday, 06 December 2009 09:34


Well, I'm a lazy follower but after enough cultists came round my house and forced me to have a bath in elf blood I found the energy to get the skins posted.

Chaos Khorne Skins

I've aimed for a nice gold/ red/ black theme with some details and bit of a worn effect to give it a nice war hungry look. Some skins look better than others but hopefully you will enjoy them all.

I will also be releasing a base skins pack for Mino, BM and CW so keep an eye out for that as my Lava Beast looks awesome in this skin..



Sartosa Buccaneers Human Team PDF Print E-mail
Written by Deathjester   
Wednesday, 21 October 2009 09:35


 This is my first attempt at repainting a bloodbowl team for the PC game.  It is based on my real time human team and I hope all that download the files enjoy the team.

The files can be found here:

ALL-STAR and Spanish RED Human Cheerleader PDF Print E-mail
Written by valentsigma   
Sunday, 13 September 2009 19:31

Hello Blood Bowl fans!!!!!!!!

Here I am again with some simple, but effective modding.

This time, I've modded the human cheerleader so she is sexier and more beautiful. Here you can see the basic and the finished textures you can download.

Read all the info here :

Thanks for your time!!!!!

Gauntlet's Skaven Tex-Pack V1 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gauntlet   
Saturday, 05 September 2009 22:32

Hi there! Some of you were very encouraging of my last texture pack for Lizardmen, so since it was requested I did a Skaven Pack... Fills or exceeds the slots for every unit (Which is my promise for any texture pack I make).

Basically there are 8 color types available to Lineman, GutterRunners, Blitzers, and Throwers

Light Brown, Reddish Brown, Yellow with Black Spots, White with Pink Eyes, Gray, Black and Gray, Tan with Red Tattoos, and Purple.

The Thrower doesn't have Gray or Brown with Tattoos, instead he has a special Texture with a Golden Metal Arm.

The Rat Ogre has Magenta, Purple, Gray, and Reddish Brown.




Gauntlet's Lizardmen Tex-Pack V2 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gauntlet   
Wednesday, 02 September 2009 19:22

Hello; my new Lizardmen pack is available. This also provides the files from the original pack. The original included about 15 Textures, this pack comes to 35!

Some have some cool tattoos added or recolored, and one skink in particular has a cool 'cross' shaped eye.



The pictures in the thread below are simply my personal favorites that I am now using:

Castillian Crusaders (Human) PDF Print E-mail
Written by valentsigma   
Tuesday, 01 September 2009 11:19

Hello again!!!!

I've already finished my first attempt at modding. This human kit uses a Black - White Dark Red colour scheme I hope you like.

It has a few minor flaws I hope you all help me to fix.

You can read all the information here :


Editor's note: I'll get an installer put together for this soon.

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