Komone's Warped Cult (Chaos) PDF Print E-mail
Written by komone   
Tuesday, 01 September 2009 00:00


Well it seems chaos teams are the flavour of the month for colours and I can see why seeing as how the armour is such a nice canvas. Here's my take on a Slaanesh team. I've always fancied myself a bit of a Khorne boy in every game where chaos pop up so for a change now in BB I'd adopted the pleasure seeking Slaanesh team.

The cult come dressed in fanciful colours and garb showing their delight at showing off and relishing all that the pitch offers.

I've tried to maintain a theme through all of the colours and have also included 4 extra chaos warrior, 2 beastmen and 1 mino skin I use adapted from Blackhoof. 

The beastmen will replace set0 base skins 3 and 5. If you want to keep these backthem up prior to running the installer. All the Chaos warrior and Mino new bases skins add to the current ones available.

Enjoy and if anyone wants the files to edit themselves with all the layers PM me.


Download the Installer!

Peasant's Mayhem Maulers (Chaos) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bootylactin   
Friday, 28 August 2009 17:54

I'm finally getting to the back-log of stories and installers that I need to make available on the site.  First up is Peasant's Mayhem Maulers Chaos team re-skin!

Download the Installer!

Shenanigans' Void Runners (Chaos) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Shenanigans   
Friday, 14 August 2009 12:53

Here's my first attempt at modding skins, thanks to Booty and the excellent Tutorials and community here at BBD it was easy to just jump in and start straight away

I've tried to keep it simple and clean, the Deep Yellow and Black colour scheme is inspired by my younger brother's Chaos Miniatures from way back in the day.

Here are pictures for the 3 armour sets (Rookie, Veteran and Star Player)

Download the Installer!


Announcing Booty's League Application: beta test now underway PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bootylactin   
Wednesday, 12 August 2009 23:03

I have created an online league application here at BBD.  This started out as a project to expose team rosters on the web so that you didn't have to fire up the game every time you wanted to look at your team.  From those humble beginnings, it has progressed into a full blown application that makes Hotseat, LAN, and Direct-IP leagues fully possible.  You can also use it to track and manage a league played in Cyanide's online system.  Here are some of the things it can do:

  • Teams can be run in the public league, which frees you up to do mid-season cups if you choose.  This also allows your league to have any number of teams, and is not restricted to multiples of 4.
  • All teams, standings, and statistics are tracked and available on the web. No more launching the game just to see who you play next or to check the standings.
  • The app keeps track of Dead/Retired players; they don't just disappear.
  • The Commissioner can set the point value for Wins; 2 as is the case for most American sports, or 3 as in football (soccer).
  • Teams that are already part of a private league can be "parked" in a league here. You won't create a schedule or submit Match Reports, however it does provide a nice convenient place to scout all of your league mate's rosters without having to launch the game.

The "Offline" mode, which supports Hotseat, LAN, and Direct-IP leagues, features the following:

  • Any number of teams, not just multiples of four.
  • A proper post-match sequence, where the winner gets the choice of re-rolling their winnings die.  All rolls for the gate, the FAME score, Fan Factor changes, and winnings are clearly shown.
  • All team management happens from the web.  This includes hiring/firing players, journeymen, skill rolls, skill choices, etc.
  • Journeymen are added to your roster BEFORE your next match, which means TVs are calculated properly ahead of time.
  • Change your players name, number, and skin at ANY time, not just during team creation.
  • All injuries, SPPs, and full statistics are tracked match to match within the application.
  • Down the road, there is the distinct possibility that this app will be able to support new races that are modded into the game by the community.  It may be the only way to play a league with these additional races, as I suspect those teams will be locked completely out of the Cyanide client.

For complete instructions on how to use the app and it's different "modes" go here.

League Application Instructions

There are also instructions in that forum for submitting bugs, so please keep your eyes open for problems.

To visit the application itself, click here, or choose Leagues from the main menu.

Finally, here are some screenshots from the "Offline" mode:



Colored Details in Beastmen PDF Print E-mail
Written by valentsigma   
Wednesday, 05 August 2009 06:26

Hi everyone!!!

As I've posted here, I've colored several details of the Beastmen Skin (Horns, Hooves and Nails) so they can be more recognizable in game.

Some Screenshots here :


Ok, I hope this is useful for you.

Here you are the megaupload link so you can download the beastmen skins I've created.


Please, backup your files inside the folder : C:\Program Files\Cyanide\Blood Bowl\Data\3d\Skin\Team\Chaos\Beastman\Textures\Set_00

Then, replace them with the ones inside the .rar file I've created.

Enjoy it!!!

Tabletop style grid & team-specific base colours (v0.5) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hobbes   
Sunday, 02 August 2009 14:58

Right. I had several issues with the manner in which on-pitch information was displayed, and so I've knocked together some modified textures to address this. Initially it was my intention to modify the actual pitch textures - but due to the fact that A) I was confused by the way in which they were implemented, and B) there were some advantages to changing the overlays instead, I went with the overlay route.

Read more about it (what I've changed & why) by visiting this link. Any updates (should I get around to them) will also be included within that thread.

Some screenshots (I'll add comparisons to the original overlay later);


The file can be downloaded from here (see the linked thread, above, for installation instructions - if required): 

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