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Written by Peasant   
Thursday, 30 July 2009 04:58

I have taken it upon myself to learn a bit more about using GIMP. After doing my Mighty Destroyers team, I moved onto looking at redoing some of the skins for the Beastman.  I went with patterns this time around just to see what sort of effects I could achieve. 

Tiger, Snow Leopard, and Crocodile were used to give the finish you can see in these pictures.  Feel free to download the skins if you like them.

Even if you don't use them for your team, the game will use them in any Chaos team against you :)


NOTE: The Beastman skins folder has 10 in it already, only 9 of which you can use at this time. This means that my new skins will overwrite 3 of the skins already there. Beastman_07_D, 08 and 09. Please backup your "\Data\3d\Skin\Team\Chaos\Beastman\Textures\Set_00" folder before installing.

Download the Installer! patch - Modders Beware PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bootylactin   
Wednesday, 29 July 2009 22:34

This news probably arrives a bit too late for some of you, but the patch will wipe all files located in the

<blood bowl installation folder>\Data\3d\Skin\Team\DarkElf

folder, NONE OF WHICH WERE EVEN INSTALLED by the game.  Anyone working on Dark Elf mods stands to lose all work stored in that folder.

It is being discussed on our boards, here, and Cyanide's boards, here. VoodooMike is leading the charge, and rightfully so!

Again, apologies for the late notice, but it's been all coding, no playing, and very little forum browsing for me lately.  Every single person signed up for this site has the ability to submit articles.  Please utilize this to submit breaking news like this.  I still have to approve the message, but the site will email me when you submit it.  And even at my busiest moments I'm nearly permanently attached to email.

On a more positive note, I'll be opening my Hotseat/LAN/Direct-IP league management application for beta-testing soon.  What started as a pet project for the BBQL has turned into a full-featured application for public consumption.  It does a host of things better than the current online client, most notably bypassing their servers altogether.  This theoretically means we should be able to play leagues with all the teams you modders have gotten working.  That is, unless they completely lock us out in the executable...

Dark Elves in Multi-player! PDF Print E-mail
Written by BBDave522   
Tuesday, 28 July 2009 12:08

 Edit:  We have been given word that this was a glitch and will be fixed for the next patch.  It will likely be possible to do this, but only for the Single player mode.  Sorry.

After the most recent patch, it is now possible to use any models you want to for the Dark Elf team.  It is also possible to make them selectable in-game and even to play them in multiplayer!  To do this actually requires only a little bit of work, and no coding whatsoever- the only thing you need to mess with are the model files!  To begin with, open up the folder at \Data\3D\Skin\Team.  Now create a new folder called "DarkElf" (no spaces) inside the team folder.  This folder is where all of the models for the Dark Elf team will be drawn from when they appear in-game (technically they are drawn from the cache, which draws from this file).

Now, pick a model from another race who you want to be the lineman model.  I used the Wood Elf Lineman model.  Since the file name already reflects the position in the Dark Elf team, nothing else needs to be done.  Now, move on to the next position.  Let's go to the Runner next- I used the Wood elf Thrower model.  Now, first copy over the Thrower folder, just like for the Lineman.  Now rename the folder to "Runner".  Next, go into the folder and rename only the files Thrower.kfm and Thrower.nif to Runner.kfm and Runner.nif, respectively.  Now open up Nifskope (see the painting tutorial, found here, for more info about Nifskope- note that if you have not yet downloaded it I recommend you alternately use the download found here, as this is the version I was able to make work).  Load the "Runner.kfm" file in NifSkope.  Note that you might get an error message, but the load probably worked anyway.  Now go to "View" and make sure "KFM" is checked.  Find the Window called KFM and click on the arrow next to kfm.  Look down the list until you see the entry called "NIF File Name".  Change the entry "Thrower.nif" (or whatever your chosen model is called) to "Runner.nif".  Now click "Save As", saving it as "Runner" and ensuring that you select *.kfm from the file type dropdown menu.  Click save and choose to replace the existing file.  Once again, you may get an error message, but the save likely worked.  Now load Runner.kfm once again into NifSkope.  This time, you should see the thrower model.  If so, the changes worked and you are done with this model!  Otherwise something has gone wrong, and you need to try again

Now repeat this process for all of the model types.  I used the Wood Elf Catcher for the Assassin, the Human Blitzer for the Blitzer, and the Wood Elf Wardancer for the Witch Elf.  You can use any models you want, however, and as long as you have all of the model types in the folder you can freely play Dark Elves in single player or online.  They will be selectable in game on the race select menu.  Have fun and enjoy! Oh, and as a sidenote, the Dark Elf scroll is not properly implemented as of yet, so if you are playing Blitz! mode do not use the scroll, as it will cause a crash.  Otherwise, everthing appears to be working great!

Peasant's Mighty Destroyers (Dwarf) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bootylactin   
Wednesday, 15 July 2009 15:36

Our first complete team re-skin comes from Peasant, in the form of his Mighty Destroyers Dwarf team.  All complete teams will have the swatch designation shown at the right, which quickly identifies the color for which the team was created.  After installing this mod, you'll need to play with or against a Dwarf team that has bright Red as their color to see these skins.  You can, of course, manually change the file names to shift them to another color of your choosing.  See the Painting Tutorial for information on the skin file naming scheme.

Also available as a separate download (due to installer limitations) are the Team and Player logos for the Mighty Destroyers.  You can find both below.  Thanks for sharing your work, Peasant!

Mighty Destroyers Team Installer

Mighty Destroyers Logo Installer

Fiery Red Troll Slayers PDF Print E-mail
Written by zanzertem   
Monday, 13 July 2009 08:03

I recolored the beard to a more sinister red-orange. By request I also edited the armor sets to reflect the new color, due to the Mohawks being considered helmets in the game.

I have also added some color changes to the jewelry worn by the slayer. Two have mithril colored rings and one has copper colored. 3 have kept the default gold.

Someone requested a brown bearded one so I tossed him in there as well. I understand it may piss off some lore fans, so if you don't like him, just delete him. He is TrollSlayer_06.

The installer will overwrite default game files. I recommend backing up your \Data\3d\Skin\Team\Dwarf\ TrollSlayer\Textures folder!

Download the Installer!

Darker Black Orc Blockers PDF Print E-mail
Written by HateMiser   
Saturday, 11 July 2009 03:48

These are simply the three default Black Orc Blocker textures, re-done in two darker shades.

They are numbered _04_ through _09_ as not to delete the originals.

The installer below will copy the files into your

C:\Program Files\Cyanide\Blood Bowl\ Data\3d\Skin\Team\Orc\BlackBlocker\ Textures\Set_00 folder.


Download Installer!

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