Urgosh's Lizard Base Skins PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bootylactin   
Wednesday, 08 July 2009 21:39

Singing Urgosh presents six new base skins for your lizard teams.  These are additions to the game defaults, and will not overwrite any original files.  This will bring your skins selection total to nine for your Sauri, and eight for your Skinks.  Enjoy!

Download Urgosh's Lizzies Installer here!

Norse now Available in Single Player! PDF Print E-mail
Written by BBDave522   
Wednesday, 08 July 2009 00:56

I have created a mod that will allow Norse teams to be played in single player mode.  I am not as accomplished at programming as some of the others on this site, so my upload consists only of a pitiful text file instead of their advanced .exe files (and you may note the lack of a download file).  So my mod will require a bit more work on your part to implement.  The file below is a text file containing the SQL commands required to change your database files so that Norse will become a playable team.  First, make a backup of your database file at User/Documents/BloodBowl/DB/main.db.  Now, open the file in an SQLite program (I recommend the FireFox addon, found here).  Copy and Paste the SQL commands contained in the text file (hit ctrl-A to quickly select all of the text) to your Execute SQL tab, and run the SQL.  Now copy this modded database file over to /Data/DB and have it replace the file of the same name found there. The mod is now successfully implemented.  However, you still need to run some SQL on your save files to use it in-game.  Start a new campaign or competition and save before playing any games or buying any players (note that you have to start a cup in campaign mode as well).  Then go to your save file (located at User/Documents/BloodBowl/Saves/[campaign or competition, whichever you picked]/)and run the following SQL command to play as Norse:

Update Team_Listing set idRaces =10 where ID = 104; 

This will change your team to be Norse.  You can also play against Norse with my mod as well.  Currently, only one opposition Norse team is implemented in my mod, but more are on the way, and I will update this page accordingly. In order to play against the one team I have currently implemented, first open your campaign in a new cup or your starting competition save file (location given above).  In order for this to work, you must not have played any games in the current campaign cup or played any games at all in the campaign.  Now, look under Team_Listing and find the teams whose idRaces column is 10; these are the Norse teams.  Look at their ID column and record the number.  Now go to your calendar table in the same database.  Pick any of the teams listed there (by team ID) to replace with another team.  Record that team ID as well.  Now run the following SQL command to switch out the teams, replacing *** with the team you want to enter into your cup, and replacing &&& with the team you want replaced:

Update Calendar set idTeam_Listing_Away = *** WHERE idTeam_Listing_Away = &&&;

Update Calendar set idTeam_Listing_Home = *** WHERE idTeam_Listing_Home = &&&;

Note that this will work to replace any teams of any race into a campaign or championship; it is not limited to Norse teams.  I hope you enjoy this mod, and I will be updating it with improvements as soon as possible.  I also plan on doing many other teams over the course of the next few months, but this mod took me the better part of a week, so it may be a while before you see all of the teams implemented (at least those that I can using the current skill set).  Still, have fun with this Mod!

 ***Note: I have not extensively tested this mod, and as such I cannot positively vouch that it will work without a hitch.  If you experience any issues with this mod, please let me know and I will try to fix them.  I am not responsible for any damages caused by this mod.  Use this mod at your own risk. 

Download the Mod Text File Now!

D_Wilson's Big Boy Mod PDF Print E-mail
Written by D_Wilson   
Tuesday, 07 July 2009 12:31

After much gnashing of teeth due to a lack of difficulty playing vs the campaign in single player, I have created the Big Boy Mod. What I endeavored to do was make the single-player experience more difficult by increasing the skill level of the various teams.

This mod also morphed into adding the original 2nd Edition rosters, logos and team colors to the existing teams. Now in single-player, you can put your team up against the likes of some of Blood Bowl's most storied teams and players. Gimwold Grimbreath, Rip Sorepain, Jacob Von Altdorf, Paabst 'The Box' Brooke and many, many others.

Included in the mod are the files to update your main database as well as update your logos with the original 2nd edition versions for the Reikland Reivers, Gouged Eye, Chaos All-Stars, and Dwarf Giants.

Hope you all enjoy!

View the Big Boy Installation Read Me file here

Download the Installer now!

New Options for Site Members: File Uploads and Article Submissions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bootylactin   
Tuesday, 07 July 2009 09:45

File Uploads

The community has been putting together some great work so far.  To facilitate sharing, BBD now has an upload utility allowing members to place files directly on the site.  You'll find it in the "My Account" section to the right.  This will create a site folder managed exclusively by you.  All of the standard files operations are possible: adding, deleting, and renaming both files and sub-folders.  Your personal folder is located at:


For example, mine is at:

https://www.bloodbowldigital.com/uploads/ Bootylactin

Article Submission

Also found in the My Account section is the "Submit an Article" link.  This allows any member to submit content directly to the site.  Submitted articles go into an editing queue which will be reviewed and then published (to prevent any attempted abuse).

Here's an example of how these two new features can work in concert together:

Let's say you've put together some new base skins for the Lizard team (as zanzertem and Singing Urgosh have done) and you'd like to make them available to the community.  First, upload your files to the BBD site.  Next, write a brief article describing your mod, and perhaps include a screenshot or two.  Choose the section and category for the article, in this case:

Section: Resources
Category: Textures

Now submit the article for review.  After review the article will be published to the site. In this case, it would automatically appear under the Latest Textures section in the left column, and possibly on the front page too!

Male Wardancer - version 0.20 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bootylactin   
Thursday, 02 July 2009 21:06

Enarion and Bootylactin present the Male Wardancer, version 0.20.

Before you run this you NEED TO BACK UP your WarDancer folder, found here:

<blood bowl installation directory> \Data\3d\Skin\Team\WoodElf\ WarDancer

The installer will also remind you to do this, but I can't stress this enough.  When you run the .exe, it should find your Blood Bowl installation directory.

So why are we calling this version 0.20 you ask? Well, he's not done, nor is he perfect. Our original goal was to create 3 unique armor sets for him, patched together from the armor that the other elves wear. Right now the only thing that changes is his face mask at level 2 and 3. Also, we've noticed some texture irregularities (nothing too crazy... it's just his pants seem to glow in game).

However, he's completely playable (in both Single Player, and Online), will inherit the color of your team, and looks a hell of a lot better than those orange-haired female freaks.

Download Now!

Anyone who wants to take this and start improving upon it, feel free. There's no reason why we can't have a bunch of folks pitching in to finish this guy.  You can follow the discussion in this thread.

A Slight Change to Anyone Following the Painting Tutorial PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bootylactin   
Monday, 29 June 2009 19:51

When I initially published the painting tutorial, I didn't think it was possible to modify the base skins without affecting every team for that race.  This is still true, however you can leave the base skins intact and create brand new skins in the same directory.  As long as you follow the numerical sequence, the game will pick them up and you'll see them as available options on the player detail screens (during team creation).

I've updated the article to reflect this, and you can read about the change here.

A big thanks to Orochi for enlightening me in our forums!

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