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Written by Bootylactin   
Wednesday, 17 June 2009 11:03

A quick update for anyone who's got an iPhone and would like to have a Blood Bowl wallpaper.  You can see what it looks like on the phone itself by clicking the thumbnail below.

Download the actual wallpaper image by clicking this link and saving the image to your phone.

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Written by Bootylactin   
Monday, 15 June 2009 09:06

Jessica has posted some additional information on the forums, answering many of the questions that have been floating around there.  In particular, I'm happy that the game will be making it's way to Steam in September.

Concerning the pre-order
It's available for the digital version not for the retail version (normal or collector).
You will be able to play the 26th on June.

Concerning the language
The game is multilanguage: english, italian, german, spanish, russian, czech, hungarian, polish, french.
For your information, box and manual for retail version will be on the same language as the country of origin. Only the game itself is multilingual.
Commentators speak in french, german or english.

Concerning the pre-download
You will be able to pre-download the game a few days before the release date (the emails in order to pre-download will send from monday 22th of June)!
You will receive an email with the link to download the game.

Concerning the download
You will have a period of 21 (not 14) days during which you can download your product at your convenience. At the end of those 14 days, the download is no longer available.
You can (it's a good advise ) burn it to DVD.
You can install and activate the game on several PC's
A manual (.pdf) is supplied with the digital version.

Concerning Steam
Steam will be available for Blood Bowl on September.

DVD Label for Digital Download PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bootylactin   
Friday, 12 June 2009 17:00

If you live anywhere but France or Germany, and you want to play this game before September, you'll be sailing in the digital download boat with the majority of us.  And the first thing you'll want to do--after you've completed your 3 day Blood Bowl weekend bender--is backup the file(s) you purchased digitally.

And wouldn't it be nice if that backup copy actually looked like a game disk?

With that in mind I present an image that you can print on to a DVD label, to affix to your backup disk.

The image itself is a high resolution JPG file, saved out at 300 dots per inch, which will give you a print quality result.  It is purposely about 1/8 of an inch larger than a label, so that it will print past the edge of the sticker.  The white dot in the center is there to help you align the graphic, and of course will be removed by the center hole.  I've tested it in Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Fireworks, and it keeps it's correct size when inserted into all these programs.

Click the image to download the full-size JPG. Then insert the image into whatever program your DVD template uses, position it, and print.

Pre-orders Are Now Available PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bootylactin   
Friday, 12 June 2009 08:36

The official site has been updated with a countdown clock to the release of the game, and pre-orders are now being accepted at this link.

The prices for the game, according to your locale:

$ 49.99

£ 39.99

€ 49.99

There seems to be some confusion with the verbage on the page about pre-downloading the files.  From what some folks have said, there are even contradictions between the different languages.  Jessica has chimed in here with the following: 

For your infomation after checking, you will be able to pre-download the game a few days before the release date, don't worry!

That is positive news, hopefully avoiding poor download speeds and possible server crashes from traffic.

New site launched! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bootylactin   
Tuesday, 09 June 2009 10:11

Welcome to the new and improved BBD.  Obviously there's a brand new look to the entire site, and some new features specifically with the modding community in mind.


The biggest addition is the new forum, where all things modding can be discussed.  I intentionally never installed a forum on original site, as I didn't want to dilute the discussion from the main Cyanide forum.  However now that BBD is transitioning, it makes sense to have a forum dedicated to the emerging modding community.

Team of the Week

My intent here is to showcase the best work from the community on a weekly basis.  Right now I've got my Croatia skin installed as a placeholder, which is a set of textures I created during the closed beta.

Latest Teams, Models, Textures

These will contain running lists (5 items or so) of the most recent content contributed to BBD, categorized by type.  This should make it fairly easy for regular visitors to keep up with the latest community offerings.


The original site had RSS syndication, however the format (and the link) for the updated version has changed.  Anyone who follows BBD with a news reader should update their location from the link in the footer at the bottom left.


I expect things to pick up quite a bit after the game releases, but feel free to start discussions in the meantime.  I've started a feedback thread where I'd like to get your opinions on the site.  Additionally, I'm open to any questions you guys may have about modding the game.  Obviously I'm still restricted by the NDA, but I'll answer as best I can.

Enjoy your stay!

Release Date Update: June 26th PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bootylactin   
Tuesday, 09 June 2009 09:57

Jessica has announced an "unofficial" release date of June 26th, which will become "official" when the store hopefully opens next week.  Here's the entire thread if you'd like to read the discussion.

You can also sign up to be notified when pre-orders will be available by visiting the official site and having a look in the lower right corner.

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