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[Project] Amazons Legendary Edition PDF Print E-mail
Written by Omen3608, Soapmpde, Zunova   
Friday, 12 November 2010 20:28

Hello everyone,

we have finally come around to make [Project]Amazons LE compatible.

All you need to do is to backup your Data folder found in your BB Legendary installation folder and copy our files right over it. :)

This pack features all Amazon player positions, the enslaved cheerlads and Zara the Slayer (she will be usable by all races that can pick her).
We consciously didn't change anything in the database as not to have any interventions with Stw402's (hopefully) upcomming AI mod!

Get the [Project]Amazons Legendary Edition v1.01 mod HERE

(HOTFIX from v1.0 to v1.01 (Linwoman not textured): HERE

Stay informed, watch Soapmode's trailer on those stellar beauties and try to resist!  :D


P.S.: This mod will not cause any problems with online play, people not having the mod will see the regular Cyanide Amazons instead...

Have fun all

Omen3608, Soapmode, Zunova

Dwarf Slayer logo PDF Print E-mail
Written by BUDWISE95   
Thursday, 09 September 2010 04:35

Found this here and thought it would make a cool logo for a Dwarf team.  ENJOY!

[Project] Amazons Released! PDF Print E-mail
Written by soapmode   
Friday, 06 August 2010 18:21

10/08/10 Amazons Hotfix available HERE!

This fixes a string issue (nothing game breaking) and includes a minor model update. Just download, extract, and overwrite to your Data folder as before. If you've not downloaded the mod yet, it's been updated to include this fix.

After many hard months toiling away in the dugouts of a secret Lustrian Blood Bowl pitch, [Project] Amazons is finally complete! Our girls have been polished to perfection and no expense has been spared on their new outfits (despite furious protestations from the Altdorf Anti-Fur League). So get ready to wreak havoc, because this is one storm in a D-cup you won't want to miss out on!

Just click the download link and follow the instructions in the Readme to install.

Alternatively, you can grab the 7zip version.

We had an absolute blast making this, and we hope you all have as much fun playing it! Best wishes from all of us here on the [Project] Amazons team.

Expanded Colour Palette PDF Print E-mail
Written by thegloater   
Sunday, 11 April 2010 07:50

On browsing through the bloodbowl program directory, I discovered a tiny file named color.tga which is an image only 8x8 pixels used to determine the team colours choice. After a lot of trial and error in Gimp, I came up with an expanded file that actually works and added another 56 colours to choose from. I was a bit miffed at the lack of a decent orange, so now there's plenty to choose from!



I had to expand the colours image from 8x8 to 8 high x 16 wide, with the bottom row in that pink colour all the way accross, although it's displayed in game as 11x10 with 2 extras (I left these black for aesthetic purposes) on the bottom left (not sure why?????).

This is the only format i found that retains the actual colours in the colour file. Any other size/shape image displays even more colours, but made up of a combination of colour values from combined pixels. This can cause problems if some of your teams have custom skins set to a colour that's no longer displayed in game.

The original colours also had to remain in the same order, top left to right, in order to maintain the correct colours for existing teams, as the game assigns each colour a number, starting with 0 in the top left. I decided to play at an online casino this week, ended up going to OnlineKasinoSK and surprisingly, won a lot of money on slots! Because the game shows these in a different sized grid though, they now appear a bit mixed up, instead of the usual gradients of colour from top to bottom.

Finally, I'm not sure how the game will display the new colours on an opponent's PC in online games where the opponent has the regular colour palette... I'm guessing that bright pink colour maybe?


However, loading a game did not cause a crash. The team colours are displayed as light blue on the roster, red in the viewer where you buy star players/mercs and black/very dark grey when you finally get to the pitch... So as long as somebody else isn't trying to use the team editor on one of your 'new colour' teams on their 'old colour palette' game, there does't appear to be any adverse side effects...

Extract the file to the following location, making sure you backup the original first of course...

C:\Program Files\Cyanide\Blood Bowl\Data\Manager\Colors

Well hope this proves useful to some of you, any and all questions / advice welcome as always...;_v=file

Darker Dark Elves PDF Print E-mail
Written by Offstream   
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 14:41

The lack of colour definition and contrast in the Dark Elf really annoyed me as I felt that no team colour I chose suited them. This mod changes the base Dark Elf uniforms from purple to black and improves colour contrast.

This is not a new set of team colours, it serves simply to accentuate the in-game ones.

(installation instructions included in zip file)

Some Before and After shots:


Checkered Orc Armor M files PDF Print E-mail
Written by HateMiser   
Sunday, 21 March 2010 23:01

With C.O.A. M files, you can paint the armor of one or more Orc clubs with a team colored check pattern.
Here they are in black:

Check 'em out and deck 'em out!

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